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Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exams in Fort Lauderdale

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exams in Fort Lauderdale

Teeth Cleanings

Did you know that a dental exam is necessary for maintaining good oral health?

Dental exams are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. They can help identify any defects in the teeth, such as cavities or tooth decay. You should also make an appointment with Dentistry by the Sea if you notice any changes to your gums or mouth.

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is a necessary part of maintaining good oral health. So why do so many people neglect to go to the dentist? There are many reasons, but they all have one thing in common: fear. Fear that something will go wrong and you’ll need expensive surgery or treatment can be a significant source of anxiety for patients who have been putting off their appointment with the dentist. But if you’re reading this blog post, the chances are that you’ve decided it’s time to take care of your teeth and gums once and for all by scheduling an appointment at our office! We provide high-quality dental services at affordable rates in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us today at (954) 900-9990 to schedule your next visit!

What is a Teeth Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleanings are more than just a cosmetic procedure for some people, as they can help maintain their dental health. Plaque is the film of bacteria that clings to your teeth every time you eat or drink and starts eating away at them from within with no one even realizing! The process behind this destroying oneself through negligence has been discovered by experts who will leave holes in our smile if left untreated. Still, there’s good news: professional assistance offered by dentists exists, so we don’t need too much worry about getting ourselves into big trouble down below (unless they’re talking sex).

What is Oral Cancer screening?

Dentistry by the Sea will offer you an oral cancer screening during your first visit. It’s a quick and painless test that allows them to detect signs of oral cancers not visible with the naked eye, leading to early treatment for this severe condition.

  • Oral cancer screening is a way for dentists to detect oral cancers
  • Oral cancer can be found by examining the patient’s tongue, gums, and lips
  • If something suspicious is seen during an exam, a biopsy may be performed to determine whether it’s skin or tissue from the mouth that has been affected by the disease
  • In addition to looking for signs of oral cancer on your tongue and in your mouth, dentists will also ask you about any symptoms such as difficulty swallowing or chewing food properly
  • Dentists are trained professionals who have special training in detecting early signs of oral cancers so they can provide treatment before it becomes too late
  • Dental hygienists usually perform routine screenings but should refer patients with unusual symptoms to a dentist
  • There are many reasons why someone would need an oral cancer screening – some people have had close relatives who have developed this form of cancer, while others might just want to make sure their risk factors aren’t higher than average because they smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol heavily
  • People over 40 years old should get screened every three years; those between 20-40 should get screened once every five years; those under 20 shouldn’t worry

Why do I need to go for a dental exam and teeth cleaning?

You know you should go for a dental exam and teeth cleaning every six months, but do you know why? Aside from keeping your smile looking its best, these appointments can help protect your overall health.

For starters, your dentist can detect the early stages of certain medical conditions by checking for oral health problems like gingivitis. Gingivitis is an infection caused by plaque (a film that forms on teeth consisting of bacteria, food debris, and saliva), which damages gum tissue over time. This infection results in swollen gums that bleed easily, pain, and bad breath.

Points to remember

  1. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums
  2. It can be caused by plaque, bacteria, or poor dental hygiene
  3. Symptoms include soreness in the mouth, bleeding when brushing teeth, and receding gums
  4. Treatment includes antibiotics for bacterial infections and a professional cleaning to remove tartar buildup
  5. Home remedies include using a baking soda paste to brush your teeth two times daily and drinking lots of water each day
  6. If left untreated, it may progress into periodontitis which will lead to tooth loss if not treated early enough
  7. Gingivitis is more common in people who are over 40 years old but can also affect younger adults who have a chronic disease like diabetes or HIV/AIDS
  8. The best way to prevent this condition from progressing is through good oral hygiene habits, including regular brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once per day

If your dentist cannot clear up the problem with teeth cleaning at your visit, you may need antibiotics or other treatments to address the infection.

Gum disease can also lead to tooth loss if not treated in time. Other conditions that can develop from gum disease include bone loss, heart damage, and organ failure. So make sure you get that smile shining for all to see by brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing once a day, and making an appointment at our office soon.

Conclusion paragraph:

After reading this article, you’ll know why dental exams are important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Dental exams can help identify any defects in the mouth that may not be visible to the naked eye or hidden under fillings. As a bonus, they also promote good oral hygiene habits. If you have questions about your current oral health care routine or how to improve it, please call Dentistry by the Sea today at (954) 771-1117 to schedule an appointment.